Heather (gryffonne) wrote in fluff_anon,

Bunny Pics

Hey, Saph, could I print a couple of pictures of your bunnies? I'm about to start doing murals on of farm-type animals on my mom's kitchen cabinets, and one of the things she want's is bunnies. I know I could just do it but I thought it would be nicer to ask first.
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I took a look at your bunnies site, and Smudge looks a lot like Autumn!
hehehe! Yeah use any piccies that you want babes :) Specially the chopping bored one my husband says as its a kitcheny one :P -feels honored-
I have sheep pics as well if you want :)
Absolutely! Thanks so much! That's cute about the chopping board>D

Lemme know if you want those, will send you the origs by email :P

and chopping block bunny:

Will work out a proper gallery soon lol!
Ohohohoh!!! THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! Thanx so much! I couldn't get the second lamb pic, but these are plenty! My mom's gonna have a fit!
:P Pass me your email and I can send you the lamb ones without the border, or if you wait til tomorrow, I'll upload them to my site :) Dealer's choice lol
Piratequeen@hawkwing.zzn.com, or the other way, whatever. =)