Heather (gryffonne) wrote in fluff_anon,

answer to prayer

When we bought Ambrosia, we did so from her previous owner, rather than a store, so we recieved all the effects they used to take care of her, as well. They said that they'd kept her in an aquarium at first, but she had figured out how to climb out, so they were keeping her in a large clear plastic tote/tub. The kind you use for storage. Well, while at our house, she learned how to climb out of it, too, so I temporarily put a towel over the top so she would have air, but not be able to get out. I told you this to tell you something else:

My mom felt sorry for her, and ended up finding, and buying, a nice big wire cage for her at a yard sale on this past Friday! It had previously been the home of a pair of rats, so the toys are a little chewed, but it has second and third levels, and a tray at the bottom for bedding. My mom was so proud of her find, she came straight over to my house and knocked on my door, just as I was reading a hedgehog book, wondering how we could get her enough excersize!
The cage also came with a wheel, which I was worried she would ignore, and the very first night she spent in her new house, Ambrosia started a self-appointed strict excersize schedule!
Sorry if my story wasted anyone's time, but I was so overjoyed I couldn't help but tell it!
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