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Hey All!

Hey I'm Lauri and I'm a fluff-aholic. That felt good to type. Finally! A place where I can share my fluffy obsession. My pets are as follows from oldest to youngest: (Pictures to follow ASAP!)
Troll, a 10 year old male ginger cat. When he was a kitten he climbed into my lap while his litter-mates were all playing, he fell asleep and that was that. Isabella, an 8 year old chartreuse. She was a rescue and I couldn't resist her sweet nature. (Technically those are my parents cats, as they live with them, but I love them.) Mystie, a 5 year old gray waif of a cat. She is often referred to as being my daughter, as she clings like a two year old child. Maysie also 5 years old, a gray/brown mackerel. Most often called Crazy Maysie, she is a classic cat-very aloof-with one glaring exception, she drools. Clover is a 4 year old light brown bunny. We call him Bunzilla because he grunts and bites when he's angry and when he doesn't want to go back into his Zilla Villa (cage). Violet is my sweet, highly intelligent short tailed opossum. She loves to sit in her bonding pouch while I type. Ounce for ounce she is undoubtedly the most inteligent pet I've ever had, which is saying something I used to have rats. Last and certainly not least is my honey bunny, Hops (named for the grain used in brewing beer and ale). He is also technically my father's bunny and lives with the 'Rents, but he makes the most ridiculous faces at me and everyone who sees it says he's flirting with me. I guess he thinks I'm a cute lil' bunny too.

Phew! That was more than I thought it was. Pics soon I promise, then funny stories...
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