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Fluffies Anonymous
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Monday, November 24th, 2008
2:53 pm
Hamster Wheel vs. Disk- which is better?
I keep seeing these things that kinda look like frisbees and hamsters are supposed to run on those like they do on wheels... does anyone have any experiences with those- do hamsters seem to like them more b/c they can see where they're going? does it take them longer to get the hang of running on the disks?
Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
10:22 pm
Tuesday, October 28th, 2008
11:59 pm
Getting ready for bed.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, October 27th, 2008
4:10 am
Hi, I'm Ernie
This is me and Mommy.

Current Mood: bouncy
Saturday, June 21st, 2008
3:27 pm
UPDATE: Stubby's surgery scheduled for July 2nd!
Because of the overwhelmingly positive response and generosity of family and friends old and new, and the fact that we are thisclose to reaching our goal, I've scheduled Stubby's surgery for July 2nd!

So, the last day to donate via PayPal will be June 27th! Donations made directly to the vet's office can be made all the way through July 2nd.

If you've already donated, THANK YOU!!
Visit www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby

Current Mood: thankful
Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
10:20 pm
UPDATE: Reaching out for support...
What a wonderful day today! Not only did Dr. Crocker's office agree to accept donations on Stubby's behalf (see my earlier posts for that info), we raised $250! Much of that $250 came from the support of the LJ communities, so from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

Since the fundraising is going so well (we're only about $250 short of our goal!), I was able to go ahead and schedule Stubby's surgery for July 2nd. He's having his bloodwork done next week, and I'm hopeful that we'll have a reason for why his teeth are in such bad shape.

I'm very grateful for and encouraged by all the positive feedback I've gotten...even the negative feedback has helped me to improve the way I'm doing things, so that's awesome.

So, if you've already donated, THANK YOU!! And if you haven't, please consider it...if you're unable to, prayers and well-wishes are accepted, too :-)

♥ Ria
Visit www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby for more info!

Current Mood: grateful
11:35 am
UPDATE: Reaching out for support...
I recently posted a fund-raising request for donations to help cover the costs of extensive dental surgery for Stubby, a sweet little guy I'm fostering. Several folks suggested that they'd feel more comfortable donating directly to the vet's office than to me, which I understand completely. I thought that was a great idea, so I contacted my vet's office today, and they've graciously agreed to accept check and/or credit/debit card donations on Stubby's behalf.

Checks can be made payable to Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic. Please be sure to reference 'Account #30919' in the check's memo field.

Credit/debit card donations can be taken over the phone by calling (937) 435-3262. Again, please be sure to reference Account #30919. Their mailing address is:

Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic
5655 Bigger Rd.
Kettering, OH 45440

Thank you so much to those who have already donated!

Ria Kapluck
Sunday, June 15th, 2008
1:52 pm
Reaching out for support...
My name is Ria, and I've created an LJ on behalf of a sweet little guy named Stubby. A friend asked me to provide a temporary home for Stubby, as well as try to find him a forever home, and I was happy to oblige. I knew that Stubby hadn't been to the vet in a few years, and would need to be caught up on his vaccinations and receive a clean bill of health before I could find a forever home for him.

However, when I took him in for his exam, the doctor determined that his oral health was deteriorated to such an extent that Stubby would need to undergo extensive surgery to extract all of his teeth and repair the damage to his gums and jawbones. As you can imagine, that kind of surgery is very, very expensive, and I if I had the means to pay for it on my own, I would do so in a heartbeat. That's where you come in...

I've created a website called www.freewebs.com/surgeryforstubby, where you can learn a little more about Stubby as well as make donations in any amount to help cover the cost of the surgery. For every $5 donated, you'll receive an entry in the Thank You Raffle for a chance at the Grand Prize of a $50 SuperCertificate to www.GiftCertificates.com

My fundraising goal is $1,200...any money raised that exceeds the goal amount will be donated to SICSA (The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals, which is a wonderful no-kill shelter here in Kettering, Ohio.

I'm asking for your support as I try to improve Stubby's life. Several people have told me to "just put him down, it's not worth it"...as far as I'm concerned, this is not an option. He's only four years old, and with this surgery, will lead a long, happy life. Please consider donating...even $1 will help! Even if all you can do is share the website with your friends and fellow animal lovers, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for all the work you do to help our furry friends! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

I want to make it very clear that my one and only goal in creating the website and corresponding LJ is to raise the funds necessary to get Stubby on the road to health and happiness. I am not affiliated with any shelter or rescue group...I'm just one person trying to make a difference in one animal's life, in any way that I can.

Ria K.

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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
10:33 pm
Hey, folks, I have news: 1) I am having a little girl-Sofi-in march.
2)4 kittens recently adopted my patio, my husband and I have been feeding them/set up a snuggly warm shelter for them, but they are super scared of us. One of them got hit by a car recently--they have been crossing a fairly busy street to get to us. Our intention is to capture them, hopefully domesticate them, and find homes for them (2 have already been claimed).

Any ideas as to how to safely, harmlessly, and less traumatically catch these sweet babies would be very helpful. I think they may be related to my family's legion of mixed bred babies from over the years.
Thursday, June 8th, 2006
11:58 am
Fur mites/ Ear mites
Does anybody know anything about fur mites or ear mites? I was just wondering if any body has had any past experience about it and how they handled it. Our vet gave us this liquid medicine you rub in the skin behind her ears, but it hasn't seemed to work. So I was just wondering if you guys knew any other ways or whatever you guys did to solve the problem. Thanks, all your help is appreciated.
Sorry there's no picture, I don't have any time to load one up yet as I am going to school right away, but I can load one later of Nibbles.

Thanks !!
Monday, June 5th, 2006
10:31 pm
Green Batava and Buns?
Hi all! Husband picked up some lettuce like stuff called "Green Batava". it looks like a med green lettuce. Any idea if they can have it? Its defiantly not a light green lettuce. I've never seen it before :P Thanks in advance guys!

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
9:57 am
My mom, brother, and I were about to go to the library yesterday, and as we pulled out of the driveway, we saw a little Yorkie-esque dog pottying in the neighbor's yard. We knew he didn't belong to them, so my mom started talking to him through her window, and he walked right up to the car. She told me to get out and look at him, so I did, he had on a harness, but no tags. I picked him up (warily and carefully), and he just let me. He was so friendly! Anyway, we started asking if he belonged to any neighbors, but noone knew. My mom put him in a cage on her porch for his safety (we were worried he'd get run over), and we went to the library. We were only going to stay for a little while. Afterwards, I went home. I called her last night, and found out that someone on their block (a renowned good petowner) knew who's dog he was. They advised my mom not to take him back to them because they mistreated him. The adviser even said that once, recently, the dog had come into their yard, and they'd kept him for two days, grooming him as well. This was when they found out who's he was, and the little boy who took him home was almost bitten by him!! The woman's husband had said that if he saw him out again, he would keep him.
Anyways, my mom took him to my sister, who lives with her mother-in-law. Together, they have two small dogs, a Cairn terrier mix and a Dachshund. We hope that it will be a good fit. If not, my aunt has a very young female Yorkie, and she might want the little guy. He's neutered, thank God. But he's a stuffed toy humper. >D
Thursday, April 20th, 2006
1:52 pm
cute ad
Has anyone seen the commercial on Animal Planet that shows pictures of different animals as a voice is singing "mama, mama, mama, cub"? I was watching that channel with my neice (btw is obsessed with it, bless her heart), and we saw that. It's an ad for a contest, in which kids have to draw/paint an animal card to win some related prize, I forget what...I digress. It's a cute ad, and the little ditty gets stuck in your head, but not in an annoying way.

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
2:01 pm
Bunny Pics
Hey, Saph, could I print a couple of pictures of your bunnies? I'm about to start doing murals on of farm-type animals on my mom's kitchen cabinets, and one of the things she want's is bunnies. I know I could just do it but I thought it would be nicer to ask first.
Thursday, April 13th, 2006
12:37 pm
Righty, every fricken winter Thy starts her sneezing fits up again. Her nose and eyes are clean and not leaking, her chest is clear, hutch is clean, she eats, plays, potties, destroys carpets all as she normally does. I am thinking its something they put on the hay in the winter or in it to keep it fresh and it just gives her the sneezes (the other two are fine), but anyway, we bring all the bunnies in for the winter to keep them a bit warmer, this year she is sneezing more and even the house has been colder, again, clear eyes, nose, and chest.

The warmer the room gets the less she sneezes it seems, or maybe she just snuggles up and sleeps instead of sneezing lol! anyway, point is, has anyone ever tried one of these: http://www.petplanet.co.uk/product.asp?dept_id=138&pf_id=2265?

My girls chew on EVERYTHING, so I'm not sure if they would dig it out and eat it. Does anyone have experience with these? thanks so much!

Current Mood: confused
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
3:29 pm
answer to prayer
When we bought Ambrosia, we did so from her previous owner, rather than a store, so we recieved all the effects they used to take care of her, as well. They said that they'd kept her in an aquarium at first, but she had figured out how to climb out, so they were keeping her in a large clear plastic tote/tub. The kind you use for storage. Well, while at our house, she learned how to climb out of it, too, so I temporarily put a towel over the top so she would have air, but not be able to get out. I told you this to tell you something else:

My mom felt sorry for her, and ended up finding, and buying, a nice big wire cage for her at a yard sale on this past Friday! It had previously been the home of a pair of rats, so the toys are a little chewed, but it has second and third levels, and a tray at the bottom for bedding. My mom was so proud of her find, she came straight over to my house and knocked on my door, just as I was reading a hedgehog book, wondering how we could get her enough excersize!
The cage also came with a wheel, which I was worried she would ignore, and the very first night she spent in her new house, Ambrosia started a self-appointed strict excersize schedule!
Sorry if my story wasted anyone's time, but I was so overjoyed I couldn't help but tell it!
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
6:41 pm
Uh, I'm new... I'm Heather, I live in the US, my husband and I have a male, black maine coon/siamese cross, Inigo Montoya (Toy for short), a female (black torie) siamese/sneaky neighbor's cat cross, Autumn, and a female hedgehog, Ambrosia; does a hedgie count as fluffy? Any way, Hi. Technically, I have two dogs, as well...currently living with my parents--a nearly solid red female border collie, Skylar, and a male cockapoo/Shih Tzu, Petie. And if my dogs count, then my husband's dog, Caleb-black lab/cocker spaniel cross-counts as well, seeing as how he lives with my in-laws. So, seeing as how I've made the first post of the year, and its already april, I look forward to any posts anyone else makes in the future.
Thursday, December 8th, 2005
1:57 pm
Hey All!
Hey I'm Lauri and I'm a fluff-aholic. That felt good to type. Finally! A place where I can share my fluffy obsession. My pets are as follows from oldest to youngest: (Pictures to follow ASAP!)
Troll, a 10 year old male ginger cat. When he was a kitten he climbed into my lap while his litter-mates were all playing, he fell asleep and that was that. Isabella, an 8 year old chartreuse. She was a rescue and I couldn't resist her sweet nature. (Technically those are my parents cats, as they live with them, but I love them.) Mystie, a 5 year old gray waif of a cat. She is often referred to as being my daughter, as she clings like a two year old child. Maysie also 5 years old, a gray/brown mackerel. Most often called Crazy Maysie, she is a classic cat-very aloof-with one glaring exception, she drools. Clover is a 4 year old light brown bunny. We call him Bunzilla because he grunts and bites when he's angry and when he doesn't want to go back into his Zilla Villa (cage). Violet is my sweet, highly intelligent short tailed opossum. She loves to sit in her bonding pouch while I type. Ounce for ounce she is undoubtedly the most inteligent pet I've ever had, which is saying something I used to have rats. Last and certainly not least is my honey bunny, Hops (named for the grain used in brewing beer and ale). He is also technically my father's bunny and lives with the 'Rents, but he makes the most ridiculous faces at me and everyone who sees it says he's flirting with me. I guess he thinks I'm a cute lil' bunny too.

Phew! That was more than I thought it was. Pics soon I promise, then funny stories...

Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
4:45 pm
Introducing PEPPER! (I wanted to call her Holly but she looks like a Pepper lol)

Even though we said no more, at all, none. This little girl gave my husband a work over at the pet shop, standing on her back feet with her little front feet folded down, her huge ears framing her cute little face, just looking up at him. Then followed him around. lol. This isnt the first time we've seen her at the pet shop, she's been there a while. This time she just won :D I need to go to London more often if I keep getting bunnies when I get home! lol! Anyway, here are some more piccies, will post more tomorrow, I've just taken some full hutch shots as I've given it a good clean and sort today :D
-=+=- more pics -=+=-Collapse )
Monday, December 5th, 2005
1:51 pm
To introduce myself.
Hello, my name is Max and I am a Fluffy Lover :D.

My wife and I are the proud owners of 3 cats, 3 rats, 3 rabbits, 2 guinnea pigs and I was a bad bad boy at the weekend and made a home for more cute fluffies. The latest additions to our home are 2 degus.

We are now having to evict our 15 year old daughter to make room for the pets. It's no big deal really, I mean, she isn't cute and fluffy, so she has to go. I would auction her on ebay, but they refuse to sell people, so I'll have to leave her out for the bin men instead.

We are now thinking of adding some Syrian hamsters to the collection. However that depends on how the war on terror is progressing. If the US/UK invade Syria and anything Syrian becomes linked to terror, then we would have to feed them to the pirhana fish that I intend to add to my fishy collection. I don't really want to do that because I am a Fluffy Lover and it would make me a bit sad.

The war on terror is a bad thing I think, because it makes people think about feeding cute fluffies to fish.
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