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Fluffies Anonymous

Fluffy Lovers Unite

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Fluffies Anonymous. Are you addicted? We all are. Though... it doesn't need to be cured at all :) Here is a place where you can talk with other fluffaholics, get/share advice, get your questions answered, post your cute piccies, and much more!

- Some Rules and Regulations -

Any nasty talk about any group will get a warning first then banned (ex. talking bad about: Vegetarians, people who only eat meet, breeders, people who feed animals other (and sometimes live) animals, so on and so forth) Just be nice, really.

PG 13 Language please.

Keep pictures behind a lj-cut or around 600x480 with any following behind a lj-cut.

Try to keep posts fluffy related, off topic is ok within limit.

Be nice when suggesting things. Nothing like "Feed them hay you moron," Try "Bunnies really like hay, have you tried that?"

No fighting, personal attacks, and so on. Be nice. If something really bothers you get in touch with saphphx/email at saphphx@spodbox.org and it will be checked over. Try to ignore the stuff though, what flips your switch wrong may not do so with others, so just because you dont like it doesn't really mean it will be removed, cause others may like it. So on and so forth.

Just be nice.