maxlibertine (maxlibertine) wrote in fluff_anon,

To introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Max and I am a Fluffy Lover :D.

My wife and I are the proud owners of 3 cats, 3 rats, 3 rabbits, 2 guinnea pigs and I was a bad bad boy at the weekend and made a home for more cute fluffies. The latest additions to our home are 2 degus.

We are now having to evict our 15 year old daughter to make room for the pets. It's no big deal really, I mean, she isn't cute and fluffy, so she has to go. I would auction her on ebay, but they refuse to sell people, so I'll have to leave her out for the bin men instead.

We are now thinking of adding some Syrian hamsters to the collection. However that depends on how the war on terror is progressing. If the US/UK invade Syria and anything Syrian becomes linked to terror, then we would have to feed them to the pirhana fish that I intend to add to my fishy collection. I don't really want to do that because I am a Fluffy Lover and it would make me a bit sad.

The war on terror is a bad thing I think, because it makes people think about feeding cute fluffies to fish.
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