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My mom, brother, and I were about to go to the library yesterday, and as we pulled out of the driveway, we saw a little Yorkie-esque dog pottying in the neighbor's yard. We knew he didn't belong to them, so my mom started talking to him through her window, and he walked right up to the car. She told me to get out and look at him, so I did, he had on a harness, but no tags. I picked him up (warily and carefully), and he just let me. He was so friendly! Anyway, we started asking if he belonged to any neighbors, but noone knew. My mom put him in a cage on her porch for his safety (we were worried he'd get run over), and we went to the library. We were only going to stay for a little while. Afterwards, I went home. I called her last night, and found out that someone on their block (a renowned good petowner) knew who's dog he was. They advised my mom not to take him back to them because they mistreated him. The adviser even said that once, recently, the dog had come into their yard, and they'd kept him for two days, grooming him as well. This was when they found out who's he was, and the little boy who took him home was almost bitten by him!! The woman's husband had said that if he saw him out again, he would keep him.
Anyways, my mom took him to my sister, who lives with her mother-in-law. Together, they have two small dogs, a Cairn terrier mix and a Dachshund. We hope that it will be a good fit. If not, my aunt has a very young female Yorkie, and she might want the little guy. He's neutered, thank God. But he's a stuffed toy humper. >D
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