Saphire Phoenix (saphphx) wrote in fluff_anon,
Saphire Phoenix


Introducing PEPPER! (I wanted to call her Holly but she looks like a Pepper lol)

Even though we said no more, at all, none. This little girl gave my husband a work over at the pet shop, standing on her back feet with her little front feet folded down, her huge ears framing her cute little face, just looking up at him. Then followed him around. lol. This isnt the first time we've seen her at the pet shop, she's been there a while. This time she just won :D I need to go to London more often if I keep getting bunnies when I get home! lol! Anyway, here are some more piccies, will post more tomorrow, I've just taken some full hutch shots as I've given it a good clean and sort today :D

"I just want to sleep..."

"no really... go away..."

[x-posted with bunny pride :D]
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